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Corona Virus - Covid-19 update
Worcester Group Meetings postponed until further notice
The monthly meetings for the Worcester Group of Amnesty International will not be taking place for the time being as a consequence of the "Social Distancing" and other measures as advised by the UK governement. Once meetings and events become possible again they will be listed here as usual.
International Day Of The Disappeared
Sunday 30th August 2020 in front of Worcester Cathedral starting at 11.00 am for around one hour. There will be a vigil to mark the International Day of the Disappeared. In 2010 the United Nations declared 30th Augist to be an annual day of remembrance and publicity for the plight of the "disappeared" and their families - people who have disappeared from public view, sometimes murdered, sometimes imprisoned exiled or otherwise taken away, by governments for no good reason. This practice is illegal in international law but is still a daily occurence in many countries around the world. The Worcester Group of Amnsty International along with friends from other Groups will be on hand to explain the issue of governments simply removing human rights activists and just ordinary citizens from public life for no good reason. Please come along, join us and find out what it's all about. (And hope that nothing like this ever happens to you or those you care about.)

On behalf of the Worcester Group of Amnesty International I wish you the best of health during these stressful times. Please keep up the letter-writing and petitions as human rights issues are still critical issues for individuals and communities worldwide alongside and, in some cases, directly related to those important health issues.

Location Plan for the Amnesty Bookshop in Malvern

location plan for Malvern Bookshop and meetings
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