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Corona Virus - Covid-19 update
Worcester Group Meetings postponed until further notice
The monthly meetings for the Worcester Group of Amnesty International will not be taking place for the time being as a consequence of the "Social Distancing" and other measures as advised by the UK governement. Once meetings and events become possible again they will be listed here as usual.
Poetry Competion Opens
Monday 16th March 2020 in anticipation of Refugee Week 15th to 21st June 2020. Notwithstanding the absence of regular meetings you can all get your thinking caps on for poetry writing at home! Worcestershire's own poet laureate, Charlie Barnes, and the Worcester Group of Amnesty International are jointly holding a Poetry Competion to promote awareness of this year's Refugee Week. The competion opens on 16th March and closes at midnight on 22nd May (now extended from 1st May). Find your inner poet and make your own unique contribution to this year's event. For full details of how to enter etc. see the website in anticipation of a live evening of poetry readings at a City Centre location which may or may not take place in this year's Refugee Week itself.

On behalf of the Worcester Group of Amnesty International I wish you the best of health during these stressful times. Please keep up the letter-writing and petitions as human rights issues are still critical issues for individuals and communities worldwide alongside and, in some cases, directly related to those important health issues.

Location Plan for the Amnesty Bookshop in Malvern

location plan for Malvern Bookshop and meetings
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