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For many years the Worcester Group of Amnesty International have campaigned for the release of one particular prisoner of conscience, Ko Aye Aung, in Burma (Myanmar). On 2nd July 2012 he was, thankfully, released. The focus now moves on to other political prisoners and the scope of the political reforms under way in Myanmar. For more details of this, and other campaign news, please refer to the UK Section Burma pages.

New Case
Dr Tun Aung
Prisoner of Conscience
June 2013
 Photograph of Dr Tun Aung 

Dr Tun Aung is a peacemaker - and yet he has been imprisoned unfairly by the Myanmar authorites very recently. He is regarded by Amnesty International as a prisoner of conscience and deserves all the support he and his family can get. For full, up to date, details please refer to the recent AI blog where you will find detailed guidance on the case and suggestions for action.

You may also care to look up a recent "Joint Motion for a Resolution" of the European Paliament - click here to see it - which takes a very comprehensive view of the current situation in Burma/Myanmar - and includes two references to Dr Tun Aung (Line J and action point 10). There is plenty of material in there to include in your letters to the authorities in Burma.

Good luck with your campaigning!

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