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For many years the Worcester Group of Amnesty International have campaigned for the release of one particular prisoner of conscience, Ko Aye Aung, in Burma (Myanmar). On 2nd July 2012 he was, thankfully, released. The focus now moves on to other political prisoners and the scope of the political reforms under way in Myanmar. For more details of this, and other campaign news, please refer to the UK Section Burma pages.

Recent Case
Dr Tun Aung
Prisoner of Conscience
June 2013
to January 2015
 Photograph of Dr Tun Aung 

Dr Tun Aung is a peacemaker - and yet he was imprisoned unfairly by the Myanmar authorites in June 2013. He was regarded by Amnesty International as a prisoner of conscience whilst in jail - but good news on 20th January 2015 - he has been released - in part due to the attention drawn to his case by campaigners around ther world.

UPDATE 20th JANUARY 2015 Press release from the International Section of Amnesty International:

"Dr Tun Aung, a Muslim community leader and medical doctor, was released from prison yesterday. He was first jailed in 2012 after trying to calm the crowd during a riot involving Buddhists and Rohingya in Rakhine State, western Myanmar, and was sentenced to up to 17 years‘ imprisonment under various trumped-up charges.

This is a very welcome move by the authorities and we are delighted that Dr Tun Aung is finally free and will be reunited with his family. His release will come as encouragement for all of those inside and outside the country who campaigned for his freedom, " said Rupert Abbott, Amnesty International‘s Research Director for Southeast Asia and the Pacific.
"But he should never have been imprisoned in the first place - the charges against him were baseless and the trials he faced farcical.
There‘s also a risk that Dr Tun Aung could be arrested and imprisoned again as he was only conditionally released. The Myanmar authorities should lift any restrictions on him and ensure that he is free to peacefully exercise his human rights without threat of arrest or criminalisation.
Despite Dr Tun Aung‘s release, dozens more prisoners of conscience remain jailed in Myanmar - they must all be released immediately and without conditions."

So his ordeal might not yet be over - but at least he is free to go home to his family. The work on Burma continues...

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